Our Team

Senior Vice President
Ranch Operations –
David Jordan

David Jordan is responsible for ranch operations. David has over twenty-five years of construction and land stewardship experience including experience in the trucking, concrete and aggregate, farming, and elevator construction industries.

Vineyard Manager – 
Dan Conners

Dan Conners is responsible for farming operations. Dan has over twenty years of farming experience including farming experience with Gallo Vineyards, Cuesta Ridge Vineyards and Syngenta Seeds, LLC.

Assistant Vineyard Manager –
Padraic “Paddy” Sherlock

Paddy Sherlock is responsible for leading the Vineyard Foreman. Paddy has over seven years of farming experience including farming experience with Jack Neal & Son Vineyard Management.

Viticulture Technician –
Lillian Krosse

Lillian Krosse is responsible for nutrition and irrigation programs in the vineyard. Prior to joining Langtry Farms Lillian was a student at California Polytechnic State University and an intern with Gallo Vineyards.

Vineyard Foreman –
Gildardo “Gil” McCullogh

Gil McCullogh is responsible for vinicultural activities with an emphasis in vineyard development. Gil has over ten years of farming experience including farming experience with Snows Lake Vineyards and Enzenauer Vineyard Management.

Senior Vice President
of Operations –
Amanda Bradshaw

Amanda Bradshaw is responsible for administration, finance, and operations. Amanda has over twenty-five years of operations including operations experience with American Pacific State Bank.

Executive Assistant –
Tiffani Moore

Tiffani Moore is responsible for supporting all administration, finance, and operations. Tiffani has seventeen years of operations experience including operations experience with Clos Pegase Winery and Bennett Lane Winery.

Staff Accountant –
Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson is responsible for accounting functions. Michelle has over ten years of accounting experience including accounting experience with Mendocino Community Health Clinic and Elem Indian Colony.