Sustainable Farming for a Resilient Future

Made the right way.


Langtry Farms is committed to preserving its resources through a program of sustainable farming practices. Our commitment to sustainable farming is a result of our connection to the land and an appreciation for the people who farm it. As land stewards we are responsible for adapting our farming practices to promote our sustainability goals.

LODI Rules Certification

Langtry Farms is a grower of over 2,000 acres of sustainably farmed vineyards. The farming team utilizes a third-party audited sustainability certification process to ensure that its farming practices are consistent with the highest standards. Langtry Farms is committed to rigorous, scientifically sound, and sustainable wine-growing practices.

In addition to the annual sustainable farming practices certification of its vineyards the farming team utilizes the following best practices:

TULE Water Management

The on-demand data provided by the Tule software and AI allows the Langtry irrigators to adjust irrigation programming immediately to respond to the plant’s stress levels in real-time.

Water Recycling

The Langtry winery team recycles 100% of its production wastewater from the winemaking process. The wastewater is treated and then applied to the vineyard cover crops to improve soil health and reduce water usage.

Weed Control

At Langtry Farms we utilize sheep in our vineyards as an effective practice for the management of cover crops, pest plants, weeds and soil. Sheep provide us with an alternative to carbon dioxide producing mowers and to heavy application of herbicides and pesticides.

Cover Crop

The Langtry farming team utilizes cover crops to maintain improved soil health conditions and to return nutrients to the soils as they are depleted. Cover crops are also used to crowd out harmful invasive weeds in the vineyards. Sheep are used seasonally to reduce competitive pressures on the vines and to add nutrients back into the soils.


The Langtry winemaking team composts all of its solid winemaking waste for reapplication into the vineyards. The Langtry farming team also sources local compost that is mixed with gypsum to balance soil conditions and to improve uptake of nutrients by the vines.

Drip Irrigation

Our drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of our vines, which administers precision irrigation and uniform soil moisture. This water management practice drastically reduces water wasted to run-off and evaporation, culminating in a reduction of water consumption by 20%.

Water Resource Management

The Langtry farming team utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence developed by Tule Technologies and UC Davis to measure the actual evapotranspiration of a vineyard to maximize the water resource management that it can achieve. This technology allows the farming team to measure the actual amount of water being used by the vines and to monitor the water stress of the vines in real-time. The on-demand data provided by the Tule software and AI allows the Langtry irrigators to adjust irrigation programming immediately to respond to the plant’s stress levels in real-time.

Investments in Technology for Future Sustainable Farming

Langtry Farms has made a commitment as a Limited Partner of VoLo Earth to pursue future technologies that will transform sustainable vineyard farming practices. VoLo Earth addresses the planet’s climate crisis at its roots by providing first-in funding and hands-on leadership to early-stage climate technology companies. Volo Earth strives to grow, propagate, and capitalize on climate solutions with an intent to deliver superior investment returns with quantifiable carbon benefits.

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