Intrepid Gift Set

Intrepid Gift Set

Explore our holiday gift pack of Intrepid wines from the rugged and far reaches north of Napa Valley.  Discover the high elevation and daring Petit Verdot grown in the volcanic ash soils of Tephra Ridge.  Rediscover the Guenoc Valley Sauvignon Blanc grown in the alluvial soils of the volatile Bucksnort Creek.

Intrepid can be aptly employed to characterize a wine that dares to push the boundaries and challenge traditional expectations.

Much like an adventurous explorer embarking on a daring quest, an intrepid wine possesses a fearless and innovative spirit. It may showcase bold and unconventional flavor profiles, blending unexpected grape varietals, or experimenting with unique winemaking techniques.

An intrepid wine invites the palate on a captivating journey, enthralling with its audacious complexity and defying the norm with its distinctive character. It is the embodiment of a wine that refuses to conform, venturing into uncharted terroirs to deliver a memorable and exhilarating tasting experience. Our daring Petit Verdot and our steadfast Sauvignon Blanc are wines that embrace the intrepid spirit.

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