Wines of Distinction

We strive to guide each single vineyard wine to its purest expression. Each wine showcases the best qualities the vineyard has to offer, from Chardonnay produced in the heart of Guenoc Valley, to bold terroir-driven Cabernet Sauvignon grown at the highest elevations. Our minimalistic winemaking style allows us to craft wines of distinction that are a unique interpretation of the wide range of our vineyard soil profiles, micro-climates, and varietals.



Sauvignon Blanc

White grapes are processed directly into a Willmes press where internally screened columns use the least amount of pressure possible to filter the crushed grapes. This low pressure maximizes juice yield without extracting bitter compounds. Sauvignon Blanc is then cold-settled for two days before being racked into the barrel for fermentation. It is inoculated with a yeast strain to maintain the floral and tropical aromatics as the juice slowly ferments to dryness. And at last, this wine is aged for six months in neutral French oak.



Chardonnay is cold-settled for two days before being inoculated and barreled down. The wine is stirred twice a month to maximize lees contact, sur lie aging, which helps build mouthfeel while preserving acidity and aromatics. This wine is then aged on thirty percent new French oak for twelve months.


Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is destemmed into small fermenters and pumped over twice a day. Pump overs extract character and color from the grape skins while maintaining a healthy cap. When the tank has gone dry, the wine remains on skins for one month to soften tannins, build mouthfeel, and help preserve aromas, flavors, and phenolics. The Cabernet Sauvignon is then pressed and barreled down to fifty percent new French oak where it ages up to eighteen months.


Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is one of the last varietals the winery receives at harvest and is worth the wait. The Petite Sirah fruit is bold and rustic, with a robust tannin profile. There is extended maceration before pressing and barreling down. Finally, the wine will age in forty percent new French oak prior to its bottling.

Featured Wines

Langtry Single Vineyard Wines provides premium wine for consumers looking for high quality, responsibly-grown grape varieties from a unique, historic, and intimate setting. Langtry leads the competition by producing a variety of 90+ point wines that encompass the unique characteristics of our high elevation volcanic soils.

Old Soldier Proprietary Red Wine
Lillie's Blend White Wine
Serpentine Meadow Petite Sirah
Genevieve Chardonnay

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